Bag In Box Organic Coupage Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3 L.

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The Organic Coupage Extra Virgin Olive Oil Señoríos de Relleu®, is a blend of organic olive trees from five natives varieties of Alicante and arbequina, with a medium fruity, a slight bitterness and a medium-high spicy.

Bag In Box: Innovative New Packaging


We present our Bag In Box packaging for our very special customers, in a highly innovative type of 3 Liters format container for our Premium Category Extra Virgin Olive Oils.


The best Alicante Mountain Olive Oils in family-pack format


As we have received many requests from our consumers who would like to use our oils on a daily basis, we have decided to present our Coupages in the best packaging for preserving premium quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Following our philosophy of innovation, we are introducing a different kind of packaging. We pioneered bottling oil in aluminium bottles, with gourmet oils produced from native varieties in the Region of Valencia. In line with our brand philosophy, we are now presenting our oils in Bag in Box packaging. Below we describe what BIB (Bag In Box) consists of and its advantages compared to other forms of packaging.


Did you know that Extra Virgin Olive Oil has 3 enemies?


Few people know that the main enemies of Extra Virgin Olive Oil are Light, Temperature and Oxygen.


a) Light: Light and ultraviolet rays cause Extra Virgin Olive Oil to deteriorate faster, that’s why producers like us who are concerned with quality only package our liquid gold in dark or opaque containers. However, we have to acknowledge that glass bottles let the light in.


b) Oxygen:The presence of oxygen in any container is not good for preserving the quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the bigger the container, the more oxygen is allowed to enter as the oil level drops.


c) Temperature:Extra Virgin Olive Oils must be stored away from heat sources and ideally at a stable temperature of around 16ºC. Cold temperatures are better than warm, but be aware that Extra Virgin Olive Oil freezes from 8ºC, so it shouldn’t be kept in the fridge.


For the reasons we explained earlier (light and oxygen) we don’t advise consuming good quality extra virgin olive oils in large format containers made from transparent materials. As far as storage temperature is concerned, Extra Virgin Olive Oil should be stored in places that aren’t exposed to heat.


So, to preserve the freshness of the aromas of grass, tomato, banana and almonds in premium olive oils, these 3 enemies should be avoided in any container.


Why is Bag In Box one of the best containers for preserving Extra Virgin Olive Oil?


Bag In Box consists of a cardboard box, which protects the oil from outside temperatures and from light. Inside is a bag containing the oil. This bag has a non-drip dispenser tap and as the oil is used, the bag shrinks, preventing air from getting inside. This means that the shelf life of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is longer in this kind of packaging compared to traditional containers.


Advantages of BIB (Bag In Box)


a) The organoleptic properties and freshness of the oil is preserved intact, as the opaque container protects it from light and the oil never comes into contact with oxygen. Plus, this freshness can be maintained even after the container is opened.


b) The container is fully eco-friendly and recyclable, with a very low carbon footprint. Its design means it takes up less space during transport and can be stacked.


c) The cardboard container reduces breakages, making it ideal for the hospitality industry.


d) It’s the perfect packaging for serving small measures.


Why Organic Agriculture?


Ecological agriculture is based on growing crops that maximise the natural resources to combat pests, maintaining or increasing soil fertility without using synthetic chemical products like fertilisers, pesticides or the like, and avoiding the use of genetically modified organisms. By doing this we can produce foods that are more natural, healthier and more nutritious. Moreover, we are helping to sustain the environment causing the least impact possible.


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Logo Europeo Agricultura Ecologica. European Logo Organic Agriculture


The sensorial star tells us what sensorial characteristics on nose and mouth of an oil in a graphic and easy way, prepared by a group of tasters. Indicates how fruity, bitter and pungent the preceptions are among them .The values of each sensorial star indicate are relatives to the specific characteristics of that oil.


The different circumferences let us see what are the ones most salient on this oil and how their insensitis and relative values are perceived. This levels aren’t precise absolute values comparable to other sensorial stars of other oils.

Organic Coupage Sensoty Star

The Organic Coupage Extra Virgin Olive Oil Señoríos de Relleu®, is a blend of organic olive trees from five natives varieties of Alicante and arbequina, with a medium fruity, a slight bitterness and a medium-high spicy.

  • Production area: Alicante. Comunidad Valenciana.
  • Altitude: 429 metres above sea level.
  • Variety: Manzanilla Villalonga, Arbequina, Blanqueta, Changlot Real, Picual, Alfafara y Genovesa.
  • Collection system: Knock down and manual vibrate.
  • Collection preiod: In summer, in late October.
  • Extraction system: Continuous system with two phases.
  • Storage: Stainless steel storage tanks rendered inert with nitrogen.
  • Combination: Multiple possibilities in combinations where the oil want to take leading role.
  • Acidity: 0,1º.

Información Nutricional                                Nutrition Declaration                                Nährwertangaben Information                  Nutritionnelle


100 g

Valor energético / Energy / Energie / Énergie: 3700 kJ / 900 kcal
Grasas / Total Fat / Fett / Matières Grasses: 100 g
     de los cuales: Saturadas / of which: Saturates /                     von denen: Gesättigten / dont: Saturés 17 g
Hidratos de Carbono / Carbohydrate /          Kohlenhydrate / Hydrates de Carbone: 0 g
    de los cuales: Azúcares/ of which: Sugars /                              von denen: Zucker / dont: Sucres 0 g
Proteínas / Protein / Eiweiß / Protéines: 0 g
Sal / Salt / Salz / Sel: 0 g