Only 10 km away from the mediterranean coast and near the Sierra de Aitana, in the middle of a valley surrounded by mountains higher than 1,000 m, it is found Relleu.

In these special surroundings, this microclimate is characterized by a constant temperature all year round (averaging 15.8 ºC), an annual precipitation of around 400 mm, a height of 429 m above sea level and nearly 3000 hours of sun per year.

Our natives olive trees coexist with the traditional cultivation in the area, along with almond trees and extensive mountain fields where aleppo pines, carob trees, rosemary, heather, mastic trees, esparto and thyme make up a beautiful landscape.

Location and terrain

The Masia Teuladi farmhouse, built in 1918 is where Eliseo and Hugo set up Señoríos de Relleu. The chalky clay loam soil found in this area makes this the perfect spot for growing native varieties such as Manzanilla Villalonga, Blanqueta, Changlot Real, Alfafara and Genovesa alongside the highly prized Arbequina variety.

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