At Señoríos de Relleu we harvest our own olives that we take care of all year round to grind them in a few hours from their harvest and always within the same payment. In this way we obtain a superior quality product, an authentic limited production olive oil with which you can make all kinds of dressings and combinations.

Know the whole process:

Señoríos de Relleu - Aceite de Oliva Vírgen extra - La recolección

Early collection in the middle of October allows us to enjoy this golden liquid with the maximum intensity. The low yield obtained are compensated with a higher quality, aroma and fruit.


Collection is planned beforehand, as we are advised by specialists.


Fruit collection is carried out by gently vibrating the branches, as due to the rugged ground, mechanization is nearly impossible: a laborious task that is made up for by minimizing damage to the fruit and the tree.


We do not pick up the olives from the ground so as to ensure that our oil presents the best organoleptic attributes.

Señoríos de Relleu - Aceite de Oliva Vírgen extra - El Molino

The time between harvesting and grinding the fruit is reduced as much as possible as the oil press is located in the estate. The oil is extracted only a few hours after the olive is harvested, this way we are able to maintain the fruit optimally.


In the Grinder, with cold centrifugation system, the olive juice is extracted only using physical means (grinding, beating and separation), in a mechanical manner without using chemical agents.


Subsequently, with the surplus olive paste, we make compost to fertilize our olive trees naturally and return the nutrients to the land.

Señorío de Relleu - Aceite de Oliva Oliva Virgen de Alicante - Variedades

Once we have obtained the oil, we store it in stainless steel containers to prevent it from deteriorating, and in this way maintaining its flavour, aroma and composition.


As we are producers and distributors, we obtain this maximum quality because we comprehensively monitor the oil from its cultivation on the estate to its sale in the bottle; in this way we avoid any third party handling.

Señorío de Relleu - Aceite de Oliva Oliva Virgen de Alicante - Variedades

Bottling in small lots according to the orders, makes our Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Estate of Señorios de Relleu®, perpetuates and preserves the fruity flavours and aromas that distinguish our oil, in this way keeping our maximum quality over time.


Packing in dark bottles preserves the oil from light and oxidation. The metal seal with pourer enables a correct oil preservation and dosage.

Señorío de Relleu - Aceite de Oliva Oliva Virgen de Alicante

1. The best oil is only obtained from the best Olive Grove.
2. Olives are fruit and must be cherished as such.
3. Oil is the juice of this fruit and must be cherished as such.
4. Perfect vegetal protection to produce healthy fruit.
5. Selection of the fruit straight from the tree, never from the ground.
6. Careful collection of the olives at their optimum time of ripening.
7. Production limited to the harvest itself.
8. Oil press with the highest technology.
9. Cold grinding in the oil press a few hours after the olive is harvested.
10. The oil rests in our cellars, impriving its quality until it is botted.
11. Bottling is small lots and according to orders, which are comprehensively monitored.
12. Maximum hygiene to obtain a maximun quality product.
13. Product traceability, from the olive to the bottle.

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