Online Olive Oil Tasting Kit

Online olive oil tasting guided by a specialist, so that anyone who wants to do a tasting of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils from their own home and with their families.

Do you want to learn how to taste olive oils from your home?

We will guide you in an online session so that you know the essential aspects of an extra virgin olive oil tasting.

You just have to have an internet connection on your mobile, tablet or computer and book your olive oil tasting online on the date that suits you best. We take care of everything, preparation, shipping and IT issues. Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the hands of experts. Learn about the qualities that we can find in the market, how to choose a good oil, what conditions are the best to store it, explore the sensory nuances that are hidden behind some olive varieties or what are some ideas for pairing. And many more surprises.

All this with a kit of oils, tasting material, instructions and recommendations for pairing. Ask us for information about these workshops or another modality you prefer.

Choose our Kit that you like the most