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About us

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Señoríos de Relleu is a young company with an experienced familiar trajectory in agronomy and olive growing whose work is clearly handmade.
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Each of our oils have its oun naunces, colors y taste. The perfect use of one of them can improve the taste of the dish
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Olive tree cultivation

EVOO, varieties, process, Olive oil tourims…

In Señorios de Reeleu we firmly commit for this way to spread the knowledge and culture of Olive tree and Olive oil.
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We hope that we can solve swiftly and efficiently your doubts, suggestions or complains
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Farmers against Coronavirus

We are delighted to collaborate with our town in support of all the neighbors and friends that together we fight in this battle. Each of us is the one who will make the end of this pandemic possible. Disinfection of the Municipality of Relleu  


Señoríos de Relleu donates a pallet of bottles of their Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the Alicante Provincial Home   We couldn’t sit idly by, so we wanted to contribute our grain of sand !! 💚💚💚 And what better way than to contribute with what

Superfood: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Superfoods are generally foods rich in enzymes, vitamins, minerals that help protect our body from disease. Superfood: Olive Oil is not in fashion Did you know that one of each two bottles of olive oil in the world is produced in Spain. Unfortunately, more and