Sponsor a Monumental Olive Tree

Be original with your gifts

Why sponsor?

The OLIVE tree is a SYMBOL symbol that has represented the MARE NOSTRUM culture for over 2000 years. When you sponsor a tree, you are helping us TO PROTECT and SHARE THIS MEDITERRANEAN LIFESTYLE.

Sponsoring a tree BENEFITS EVERYBODY.



How does sponsoring a tree work?

After you sponsor a tree, for a year you will get:

And all this for only 70€ a year. In addition, you will be able to come visit your tree whenever you feel like. Sign up for the guided tours organised by oleoturismo in our Masia Teuladi.

What do we expect from you?

I. That you talk about it, its history, its life,… as a proud sponsor!


II. That you visit it and enjoy it and its surroundings.


III. That you help us spread the word word so that everybodycan find out the joys of using Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


IV. That you share the benefits of THE MEDITERRANEAN LIFESTYLE, its culture, its traditions, the protection of the sea, nature, friends, family, food, open air, etc.

How can I sponsor a monumental* olive tree?

Choose the monumental* olivetree you like the most and/or would like to gift somebody and name it.


If the tree is red this means it has already been sponsored. If it is green, you can choose it. Pick a name for it and write it in the space provided.


You can also sponsor a tree and name it as a gift for someone . You can write a brief message to go with the gift. Just remember to write the e-mail where we need to sent the message and the date you want us to send it.

Details for gift

Enter the Email you want us to send the surprise to!

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Choose the monumental* olive tree you want to sponsor:

  1. Click on any of the four villas where we have monumental* olive trees.
  2. Pick the monumental* olive tree (green) that you like the most.
  3. If you move your mouse over the tree you can see the characteristics of the tree, where it is located and a picture.

In this villa we have over 145 monumental* olive trees of different types. Masia Teuladí, where we carry out the production, conservation and bottling of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils, is also located there.

In this smaller villa we have 34 monumental* olive trees, which are grown and certified as Ecological agriculture. To protect these trees from plagues and to nourish them we only use natural products and fertilizers, so we are helping reach sustainability in our area.

In this villa we have 3 monumental* olive trees that were abandoned and we are working to recover them. This is the furthest of our villas, which is located in the town of Relleu. Its name “Huertas” (vegetable garden), comes from its origins, when all types of greens were grown thanks to the water coming from the Amadorio River that surrounds it.

In this villa we have 209 monumental* olive trees, the majority of them in the deeps of a forest where there used to be a salt river. Over the years we have recovered all the olive trees that were once abandoned.


Thank you for contributing to improving the environment, traditional agriculture, the mountain towns and their people, our food and our health.

*Monumental Olive Tree: 
A monumental olive tree is any olive tree that is over 200 years old or that, given its characteristics, deserves this distinction. In our villas we care for and look after over 300 monumental olive trees, two of which are part of the Monumental Tree Heritage of the Valencian Community.