Mediterranean Sensations

The Mediterranean Sea, the birthplace of our civilization, has always titillated our senses and been a source of inspiration for the development of art, culture and gastronomy, among others. In Señorios de Relleu we have felt the influence of the Mediterranean from the very beginning and we have tried to reflect that influence on our everyday work at Masia Teuladi (a typical house in the area), far beyond producing a good quality EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil).

Following this idea, we want to share our history and our olive oils together with art. All our packaging transmits our essence in a fun way through art naïf designs created by Paula Alenda, an artist from Alicante.

So for our packaging we are using aluminium, a very innovative material in the world of olive oil. We present our extra virgin olive oil in an aluminium bottle that gives complete protection from direct light and is unbreakable, hardwearing, recyclable and easy to use.

Sensations right dow to the very last drop.


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