Test Panel by Olivarma Magazine

Test Panel by Olivarma Magazine

Full Tasting Extra Virgin Olive Oil Senorios de Relleu


During the months of July and August you can see our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting in the section of Olivarama Magazine. In this section there ia a complete sensory description.

Colour: Golden

Nose: Medium fruity intensity, in wich green and ripe properties are combined. The green leaf also combines with the green grass, as well as ripe undertones represented by the apple.

Palate: Powerful oil, with a medium-high bitter and a high spicy intensity. The attributes reminiscent of stalk stand out over the rest. Hints of sap and a slight green banana intensity are also perceived.

Varietal: Manzanilla Villalonga, Arbequina, Blanqueta, Changlo Real, Picual, Alfafara y Genovesa.