Señoríos de Relleu has an ongoing desire that we - the general public - should understand the company, its environment, and its feelings for its estates and land, and so has put together a 7 minute recording which takes us on a musical Mediterranean journey through the olive groves and the land surrounding them.

This excursion for the senses begins gently, with the waves lapping the shore of the Mediterranean, just before dawn. Then, as we make our way inland, over the 9 km between the sea and Relleu, other sounds - like the seagull, the sparrow and the wind - begin to subtly intrude. As our pleasant wander takes us across the Alicante countryside towards the Sierra de Aitana, we are accompanied by birdsong, and this chorus remains with us as we pass picturesque villages, historic churches and those other features of country life - dogs, sheep, bees, springs and brooks.

A summer storm - with its wind, lightning thunder and rain - takes us by surprise, but it has soon passed by, and in the calm following the storm, the birds perch and dry themselves. Finally, the hot summer's day ends, giving way to a pleasant mountain night, with crickets chirping their evening refrain.
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