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expoliva 2011, entre los 150 mejores aceites del mundo Expoliva: III International Exhibition of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In May 2011 we were at a lounge, where after an exhaustive selection, according to criteria of highest quality, only the top 150 are present Olives Extra Virgin Oils World.
Señorios de Relleu entre los 20 mejores extra virgen del mundo Gran Prestige Gold" at the International Competition "Terraolivo 2.011" of Israel. In May 2011, we have participated in the first congress oleic world's largest "Terraolivo ", being recognized as one of the 20 best extra virgin olive oils in the world.
Los Angeles 2011 Gold Medal at the International Competition "Los Angeles International 2011 "United Estates. In June, 2011, the second most important event in the world, we have been awarded with a Gold Medal at a tasting at which there have been almost 600 Extra Virgin worldwide.

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